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In this unit you will create a document of at least 8 pages using desktop publishing software.

Assessment Objective Knowledge, understanding and Skills
1. Plan a document to meet a given design brief for a document of at least eight A4 pages or equivalent Plan to include:
• research eg: a range of documents, a range of organisations, a range of different end users
• at least two different sketched responses to the brief
• selection of most appropriate possible response
• selection of most appropriate software
• time-scales
2. Create styles Create three separate styles which will be used within the document.
To include eg:
• font face, size, emphasis, alignment and leading
• paragraph spacing
• indents and tabs
• bullets
Use these styles within the document to achieve the required
3. Select and use tools in desktop publishing Create document layouts by eg:
• setting margins, columns and gutter
• positioning layout guides
• creating and positioning text and graphic frames
Assemble documents by:
• importing text and graphics
• entering text directly into the document
4. Use drawing tools included with DTP software to create basic shapes for inclusion in your completed publication

Drawing tools eg:
• using a range of 2D shapes
• use tools to cut and paste, copy and crop
• use monochrome and colour fill and shading
• use lines of different styles and colour
• layering items to create a clear graphic
• use a range of text styles and effects, including reverse and
artistic text
• grouping

5. Prepare publication for print Follow standard stages for producing a commercial document:
• proof read and check for accuracy making changes where
• produce proof copies with a covering submission letter

Describe the remaining stages of producing multiple copies of the
document using commercial printing processes.


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