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You have a choice about your web site assignment. You can either create your web site about something that interests you e.g. a football team you play for OR base your web site on the scenario below.

You have been asked to design and create a new multimedia website for Phones Your Way.  Phones Your Way  is a  new, national company that sells mobile phones. It currently has a web site www.phonesyourway.co.uk. However, the managing director is not happy with it for a range of reasons. For example it does not have a consistent housestyle and there is no information about the phones that are available.

Phones Your Way wants the website to perform the following functions: 

•  to inform people of the products they sell

•  to encourage people to recycle their old phones 

•  to seek feedback from people about the website and how it could be improved. 

You will be required to design the website before creating it.  Once you have created the website,  you will test it and evaluate what you have done. 

The website does not need to contain components that you have made yourself.  You may use and  adapt suitable components that already exist.

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