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Phones Your Way
As part of a regional competition you have been approached to assist with setting up local mobile phone company ‘Phones Your Way’. The company is in the early stages of development. The company already has a basic web site: www.phonesyourway.co.uk.Take a look - see what you think!

You will use ICT to promote the business.  The business owner has been recording all details by hand but it is becoming apparent that if the business is to survive it needs to: 

  • record business transactions in a spreadsheet  
  • record customer details in a database 
  • produce professional documents that can be used to promote the business, including a newsletter. 
  • produce an electronic slide presentation about the company.

The boring stuff! But you got to know it!
As you complete the project you will need to show evidence of completing the activities. This is where the word annotation comes in! Get ready to hear it often! Some of the evidence will be a print out of your work, an annotated print out of your work or annotated screen shots of your work. The key below will help you.   

 Annotated screen shot. As you complete activities press the button marked either Print Screen or prt sc on your keyboard. This will take a picture of what is on your screen and save it into the clipboard. In a word processing program, e.g. MS Word, go to Edit then Paste. You should then write a sentence or two to describe and explain what you have done. Before and after screen shots strongly advised. In some cases it may be necessary to show what you have done step by step. DO NOT RESIZE YOUR SCREEN SHOTS! It can make it really difficult for your assessor if he/she cannot make out your screen shots. Also, avoid excessive cropping.

Print your work. Print a copy of the document you have produced.

 Annotate your work. Depending on the task you will either describe how you did something, why you did something or why it is appropriate. 

Introduction Activities

1. Create a new folder in your ICT folder and call it OCR National ICT. Within this folder create a folder for Unit One.

2. You are now going to complete a skills audit. Click here to go to the skills audit (a new popup window will appear).

3. Create a Mind Map to summarise everything you need to produce for your project. Add other key information you think is important in your planning.

4. You're now ready to make a start on assessment objective 1. Click the A01 link on the menu towards the top left of this page.

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