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ict4me provides learners and teachers with a wealth or resources to support the Level 2 OCR National in ICT. The website has just been redesigned so you can easily access the resources.
You can access the original free ict4me OCR National ICT resources via the [units] link above.
As of July 2010 new learners cannot be registered for the old OCR National Spec. This means if you have not already registered learners or if new pupils join your school they will need to study the new spec. We've just added unit 1 resources to meet the needs of the new spec in the Pro area. To find out more about going Pro here.
Teaching iMedia? Take a look at our sister site www.theimediasite.co.uk.
23/09/10 - navigation issues in new unit 1 area resolved.
18/09/10 - Unit 1 resources to meet
the needs of the new specification is
now available in the Pro Area.Find out
more here.
13/09/10 - Choose your price to
access our Pro resources. Find out
more here.
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